You can now track the Attendance of your school staff, this wela mobile attendance app can be use for teaching and none teaching staff.

NOTE: To generate the attendance of the school staff. You need to make sure that they are following the Mobile attendance guide for staff. You can access the guide on this link:

To Generate and print their attendace simply log in to your WELA School Portal

How to view the attendance

Eg. and enter your Username and password

Once log in on your the search box input DTR List and click DTR List in the drop down

From here you will see the Time In and Time Out of the Staff

You may also check the details per Time-In and Time-Out of the Staff

You may also scrool down to see other details

How Generate and Print the attendance report/ Convert into Excel or CSV

In the DRT List page click the Reports on right side of the screen and click Report buildier

To choose which details you want to generate click Menu and Pick Collums.

From here you may choose which report/details you want to geneate with the attendance report, make sure to Click Submit,

To Print or Export to Excel or CSV click the select all box and click Menu and choose export in the drop down

You may choose Excel or CSV from the option. Click which format you preferred and click download and it will be downloaded to your computer

Once downloaded you may filter the report base on how you would like to see it.