Setting-Up Silid LMS Account

How to set up TEACHER SILID LMS Account for the Teacher using your School Portal

Setting up the Teachers Silid LMS account using your School Portal is important. This will be their log-ins and subject applied to their Silid LMS account.

GENERAL QUESTION: What if the Teachers SILID LMS has already been sent but there is no subject yet, how do I update their subject?

Using your School Portal you may update the teachers subject. Procedure/Steps: A.  Create Section B. Class List to assign their subjects C. Update the Teachers Account This is also applicable if there is any changes from the subject of the teacher. Proceed to Steps B and C.

Transferring Section

Transferring a particular student from one section to another. Step 1: From your dashboard, search for "Transfer Section Silid V2 List" in the search box at the right corner of your screen beside the "Administrator" button. Step 2: Once opened, click "New" blue button in the right-upper part corner to

Account Sender Silid V2 Basic Ed

To send, update, resend accounts for Silid LMS. Step 1: In your dashboard, search and select "Account Sender Silid V2 Basic Ed". Step 2: Select specific "Account Type" (may choose between student or teacher) and "Send Type" (either individual or batch). A. B. C. D. Note: Don't forget to check


NOTE: BEFORE YOU FOLLOW THIS GUIDE MAKE SURE YOU SET THE TEACHERS LMS FIRST: [] You can set up and send a Student LMS account using your WELA PORTAL. On this video you will be guided on how to: A. Set

How to resend/send LMS account for student individually.

In the portal you can send individual lms account for students, where you can also get their password that you can simply share with the students. 1. log in to your portal and go to enrollees list or click the enrolee icon 2. open the student 3. Click on the

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